Remote and Hybrid Learning FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions for Choosing Hybrid or Remote Learning at Alameda International


Where is the preference form to indicate whether I want remote or hybrid learning?

You can find the form at this link:


What if I do not complete the form?

If we do not hear from you about your learning preference for your child, we will consider all your child’s needs and our best knowledge of your child and make an appropriate assigned learning choice. If this learning choice is not acceptable to you, please contact the school as soon as possible because your child’s class schedule and availability of selected courses will be affected.


What will hybrid learning look like at Alameda International for my child? Will things be back to normal?


There will be a lot of changes at schools this year, including:

· All students and staff will be required to wear masks.

· Temperature checks for all students and staff will occur prior to building entry and a staggered drop-off schedule for families will be utilized for morning drop-off.

· Students will remain with the same cohort group the entire day, and will learn, recreate, transition, and eat together.

· Teachers will provide outdoor learning experiences.

· Inside there will be similar processes that you are seeing in other public areas and institutions. Six foot social distancing markings like directional traffic arrows and six foot markings. Plexiglass will be used to protect front office staff and may be used in the classroom for small group and individualized instruction with teachers.

· Students will be reminded throughout the day to maintain social distance.

· Desks or tables will be arranged facing the same direction and will be spread apart to ensure social distance.

· Supplies brought by students will ONLY be used by that student. · Extensive cleaning protocols will be in place. These details are available on the Restart Jeffco website.

See this video for more information on what the school day might look like.


What day will school begin?

All schools will start fully remote on August 24th.

What day will hybrid learning begin?

As the district has published, the hybrid start date is scheduled for the week of September 8th, allowing for flexibility within that week. In the upcoming weeks, our leadership team will create the detailed schedule for the first week back and get it out to our families.


If I chose remote learning, what teachers will my child have?

Until all parents have responded to the preference form, we cannot assign teachers to remote versus hybrid learning. Options for the remote teacher could include straight grade-level classrooms taught by Alameda International staff, multi-grade-level classrooms taught by Alameda International staff, or a multi-school remote classroom taught by a teacher from a school in our articulation area. Some secondary courses could be taught by Jeffco Virtual Academy staff.


I am so torn. I want hybrid learning for my child but I am extremely worried about my family’s health. Yet, I am also afraid that remote learning will not be equal to the classroom experience. What should I do?

These are difficult times and we are all facing unfathomable dilemmas. Remember that the Alameda International community remains strong and supportive of your family, no matter your choice. Please complete the form  with your best intent at this time.


What about my child’s social emotional health?

Alameda International is fortunate to have a full-time Social Workers and counselors who are here to support your children. We are currently envisioning how to best support all children during this challenging time, regardless of whether your child is remote or hybrid this fall.


Is my choice on the form a binding commitment?

As you can imagine, it is extremely difficult to plan for fall with potential numbers changing on a daily basis. We would very much like families to commit to a choice at this time using the form . And we also recognize that the environment is unpredictable and ever-changing. The form  asks about the certainty of your choice. We will definitely review these data and plan accordingly.


Are we going back in a hybrid environment, only to end up going remote?

We are living in an ever-changing environment and have provided the best thinking based on research and local conditions at this time. Please complete the form  with your best intent at this time.


What support will be given to families who choose a remote option?

Students will be provided with the necessary technology to engage remotely. We are working on parent supports to help create conducive learning environments. Once you make your choice on the form , please let us know what you need and we will do our best to support your family.


I read in the plan that parents and visitors will not be allowed in the building, is this true for Alameda International?
Yes. The Jeffco Restart website has been developed to create the best precautions for student and staff safety as is possible at this time. Limiting the number of people in the building is part of the plan. Parents and visitors will not be allowed inside the building as will be the case throughout Jeffco.


I want to support Alameda International in these times. How can I help?

As we plan for the school year, we are facing new challenges that require additional resources above and beyond our expected budget. Please watch for coming communications about how you can help. As soon as we know the remote learning and hybrid numbers, we will have a better idea of what Alameda International needs to be most successful. Thank you for supporting our school.


I have more questions, who should I contact?
If you have a question, first review the Restart Jeffco FAQ.

Please email us and I will respond to you as promptly as I am able. Also please understand that we are sharing all the information that we have right now. As conditions change, we will communicate promptly.


Thank you for your continued support of Alameda International. Our school has always appreciated our strong community and deep family involvement. We know that it is not bricks and mortar that have created our wonderful community, it is you, our families and students.

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